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We do more than teach you a few lines at a bar. Work with a team with over 10 years experience at helping men meet women

  • We specialise in teaching and coaching a natural method of meeting women that will get you results.

  • Improving your confidence, body language, charisma, humour, self esteem and skills with women.

  • Learn what to say and how to act around women in Sydney.
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What to say around ATTRACTIVE women in Sydney?

Get your life with women handled & STOP being the guy in the PAPER BAG. Using a dating coach may seem silly at first but the improvements and knowledge gained over those few hours and days will change your preception and outlook
The Approach are a dedicated dating coaching team for men in Sydney that want to improve their social skills and meet beautiful women. Our sophisticated approach is tailored to the individual, working closely to achieve your goals. We Coach a natural method to meeting women.

How would you like to be able to approach attractive women at any time, any place and be able to structure any kind of relationship with her that you so choose? How would you like to have the relationship you want? How would you like to have choice with women enabling you to find someone that you really care for and connect with? We can show you how to meet  women in Sydney.

We have a team dedicated to providing personailised lifestyle training in Sydney. We focus on you from the way you dress to how you see yourself.  We aren't happy unless you are realising your dreams with women. Learn how to find a girlfriend in Sydney and build a meaningful relationship​

This website is a portal for men to improve their confidence around women and understand attraction. Take your time to look through the articles and learn about the psychology of women.

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How a Dating Coach can Help you Meet Women in Australia?

The only thing that stops a person achieving success with women is their own doubt and fear. It can be a lonely and frustrating road in the pursuit of finding a partner and a continuous battle against limiting beliefs and negative self-image. Before a PUA in Sydney would only focus on routines and pre planned material. However we show you how to convey a natural personality 

Most people don’t ever get a handle on these issues due to lack of information being available other than a few simple pickup lines or overly complicated systems that leave men even more confused!  

The sad fact is that sydney society tells men that only good looking and rich men get the beautiful, inspiring women

We’re here to unlock your potential, teach you the art of seduction and give you a deep understanding of social dynamics so you can begin a life of fulfillment, success and female abundance.

How to Approach women
Wiki of Women

Top Three Reasons Why Australian Men Struggle With Dating


Most guys have no idea what women “really” want. When most guys are talking to a girl, they try to make her feel comfortable. They try to make her laugh so she will like them. They don’t say anything that may upset her. They hide their sexual feelings and intention because “what if she doesn’t feel the same way?”

They try to impress her…and we know what happens next


As you probably know, women love confidence. They hate it when men are afraid of them. In fact, she will never date you if you are intimidated by her. She wants a man that is more confident than she is.So how do cultivate confidence that's not arrogant? This is where private dating coaching in Australia comes in.


Many guys never approach women because they don’ know what to do. Maybe they were shot down before. Maybe they don’t know what to say. Maybe they get a little nervous.

Whatever it is, realize that women want to be approached. They want a man to sweep her off her feet. They want to meet a great guy. Our dating coaches take you out and show you how to approach women. We also give you a simple framework of what to do during the interaction.